Use this form to register for the SYNERGY STONE Lifetime Warranty.  

SYNERGY STONES are made to last forever. They're a durable solid Stoneware and under normal use your SYNERGY STONES will last for years to come. They are not indestructible however. If dropped on a hard surface or hit together with force, they may fracture just like any natural stone. Please use caution when handling or storing your SYNERGY STONES.

Within your warranty is a "Drop Policy". If you accidentally drop a SYNERGY STONE and it becomes unusable, we will replace it one time for a $10 handling fee plus shipping anywhere in the World.   Refer to the Warranty Page for the full details on the Warranty.

Thanks again for SYNERGIZING! If you have any questions or comments contact myself, Scott Wynn, or anyone here at the SYNERGY STONE family.

Scott Wynn LMP/Founder,
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